Thursday, May 26, 2011

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  • CFreymarc
    May 4, 12:26 AM
    well if i get one for the wife, i am sure i will get laid plenty!!


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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 27, 09:30 AM
    If Apple top Google Maps on Android as it is today then hats off to them as Google Maps is fantastic. Im really looking forward to seeing what Apple can do.

    Well, Google Maps app on android originated from the one on the iPhone so I think Apple has got full potential to do it.

    The only thing they need is data and I am sure they can do a better job than google.

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  • macman2790
    Jan 9, 01:26 PM
    Perhaps iLife 07 will see some major enhancements and as a result, be released in tandem with Leopard to capitallize on certain functionality/integration. :cool:

    i hope so, os x should include ilife 07 on the os x install dvd. Not just with new computers.

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  • Yamcha
    Apr 11, 03:46 PM
    Nice, just like Nintendo 3DS, I hope the next version of iOS will have support for 3D..

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  • opera57
    May 4, 09:21 AM
    Removable GPU!? Pretty impressive!

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  • ericinboston
    Apr 12, 09:08 AM
    I'd like to see something new in the iPad other than the standard "thinner, lighter" junk. Yes, the iPad 2.0 upgraded the RAM (to a whopping 512!) and faster CPU...but I'd like more/better functionality...more built-in (free) apps...stereo speakers...better screen resolution...and larger baseline storage (32GB is needed....64GB would be awesome)

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  • fat people beach.

  • R.Perez
    Mar 16, 05:35 AM
    The countries with lower health problems have cheap, affordable access to quality healthcare.

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  • cooknwitha
    Sep 11, 03:56 AM
    Is there any way of stopping the rain?

    I love this on the BBC weather page - "Cloudy day but fewer showers." What does that mean?! Fewer showers? Fewer than what!??!

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  • funny restaurant names.

  • derbothaus
    May 3, 12:41 PM
    Why is it so damn hard to get it that Mac Pro is overpriced compared to e.g. Dell's offerings?! :confused:

    On the low end, yes. On the high end (Skulltrail+X5600), no. Unless you think maybe OS X isn't worth 200.00 extra. But hw isn't very impressive if you are unhappy running your OS. Still would rather have a PB G4 than a Core i7 Dell laptop.

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  • ghostlyorb
    Apr 19, 08:22 AM
    Still too expensive for me... Come to iOS for $5.. and I'll buy it!

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  • Third, we have names that keep

  • irbdavid
    Nov 14, 10:49 AM
    Sorted it, but only a descent in to the nether regions of my desk to unplug the hub and assorted devices, and put them back in one by one.

    As an aside, temperature seems to have gone up by as much as 10�C, now idling around 58-60�C. Bah.

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  • WildCowboy
    Dec 11, 02:33 PM
    So now that we have a few people registered, anyone willing to volunteer to help organise a meetup of sorts? I'm certainly willing to (considering I live here) but I need to get a feel of how many people are actually interested,

    Okay, I just signed up for the free Exhibit Hall pass. I'd also be willing to help coordinate a meet-up. I'm still not sure what my schedule will be like then and how much I'll be able to attend, but count me in!

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  • Obese people all over

  • steviem
    Sep 14, 06:09 AM
    Has anyone else noticed its resemblance to the Remote/FM Radio for the 5G iPod...

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  • DotCom2
    Apr 10, 09:20 PM
    Will the book be magical and cost $79.99?

    $29.99! :)

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  • doberman211
    Apr 10, 09:50 PM
    XD thanks for that.

    And I read, though this will be the first ever Bio i read. Pirates of Silicon valley was probably funnier tho. i am still gonna buy this tho. no not as an iBook either. srry Steve! i enjoy holding a book in the orange glow of a candle like they did back in the 1700s. it's just me.

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  • JulienNantes
    Apr 12, 11:17 AM
    How do you monetize Revenge?

    With iAdd. This would be the whole point : winning the search engine market to get the internet advertizing market out off Google.

    Which brings me to this fourth clue :

    4) It makes sense if Apple will turn iAdd into a success.

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  • 2005CTS
    Jul 16, 09:31 AM
    You know...i have been a silent observer on this site for years. I never have ever signed up for a user name because i enjoyed reading different people's perspective, and felt it was best for me to just not get involved...but this has changed recently.

    The apple community has changed with the increased popularity. Where as it was once a small group of evangelists fighting for apple to succeed, it is now half of the old order, and half of some sort of new "apple better not have any flaws in anything they produce, and everything they make had better use the best hardware on the planet, or else they suck and i am ditching them for microsoft/google." The fun seems to be leaving the building. I remember a lot of quirky apple products from the early days, including the macintosh. Can you imagine that apple had a computer that you couldn't expand the memory on?? can you imagine?? what would happen if they released that today...i swear people would threaten to sue apple for false advertizing because apple told them it was a good product, but it didn't meet exactly everything they want.

    The antenna issue on the iphone 4 is a perfect example. I hear everything from apple should give away free bumpers to "steve jobs is a horrible ******* who stole my money, and handed me a tin can with a string on it in exchange"....come on now, people. Please.

    Due to my line of work, i have encountered several iphone 4's in several midwestern states, and in several apple stores. Can you, if so inclined, reduce the signal to the phone by bridging the gap between the two antennas? Yes. Does it result in a horrible catastrophic failure of every feature of the device every time you pick it up? No.

    The responses of "i'm just going to complain about dropped calls until i'm blue in the face, or apple resolves the issue, and i'm going to continue holding the phone in my left hand, without a case because that's how i've always used a phone" is akin to saying "i'm going to continue to fall on my face every time I take a step in my new air jordans because i've always worn sandals, and never had to tie my own shoes before, so i will continue this behavior until nike issues a fix so i don't keep falling on my face."

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  • twoodcc
    Aug 20, 09:25 AM
    alright let's see what systems everyone has. please share what you have. i'll start:

    home built system
    i7 930 @ 3.79 ghz
    6 gb ram
    running windows, bigadv units and gpu

    alienware computer
    i7 920 @ 3.75 ghz
    9 gb ram
    2 x gtx260
    running windows, bigadv units and gpu

    asus computer
    i7 920 @ 3.82 ghz
    9 gb ram
    gtx 260
    liquid cooled - i added myself a corsair H50
    running windows, bigadv units and gpu

    2006 mac pro (1st gen)
    2 x 2.66 xeon
    14 gb ram
    gts 250
    2 x 9800GT
    running windows, advmethods units and gpu

    ps3 folding

    and that's all i have folding right now. i've got a few laptops around, but i'm not folding with them. if i get close to 100k ppd, i might start them up to put me over the hump.

    i would love to sell some of these and get a new mac pro. we'll see

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  • Full of Win
    Apr 29, 09:31 AM
    It's funny, but wherever I go, I always see people with iPhones. My train, on plane trips between Chicago and NYC, during meetings, etc. I am amazed the number is only 5% - but I guess it's the circles that I am in.

    Apple's Share of Global Mobile Phone Market Hits 5%.

    Apr 19, 10:06 AM
    Why would they be kidding? I would guess that most NLE users rely heavily on the viewer and setting in/out points.

    And like Keith said, I'm sure the viewer will be there in some question was, why would anyone think that Apple would remove In/Out? Seriously thats a common tool in any Linear based application.
    I didnt see any options on outputting to iTunes, maybe they got rid of that too...that was sarcasm.

    Sep 30, 09:49 AM
    Don't know what that is (going to assume it's a jailbroken app), but the EyeTV app works officially in both 3G and Wi-fi environments.

    Can't stream over 3G "Wi-Fi Required Live TV playback requires a Wi_Fi network connection."

    I'm able to connect and scheduling and other functions work over 3G.

    Apr 21, 06:49 PM
    I have my whole iTunes library on a flash drive that is not dependent on ANYTHING (remote servers, ISP, reception, etc.) other than being inserted.

    If you think cloud is great...GFU!!!! :p

    Oct 13, 06:45 PM
    especially compared to the whopping $400 for Vista Ultimate Edition (now with more branding!).

    That is a riot.

    (And my money is on the fact that Vista is not done until SP2, not SP1. They are still fixing this sucker through launch, so they're going to need to patch it fast.

    Sep 10, 07:34 AM
    Well done Langer!

    I think a wash-out will be a real disappointment. I can handle a draw in an earlier test but not a decider.

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